1. Why is it necessary to maintain industrial valves:
     For each type of industrial pneumatic valve, all industrial equipment manufacturers clearly require periodic maintenance every 6 or 12 months, in order to ensure the valve has be able to operate most effectively, avoiding unexpected incidents, abnormal failures causing serious economic loss in areas, as well as maintaining equipment life and ensuring occupational safety.

    The periodic maintenance of industrial valves helps to improve the competitiveness of businesses and their products. The trend towards a competitive tool without trouble and without delay requires businesses to regularly forecast machine reliability.

2. How to maintain industrial valves:

   Currently, there are many different methods for us to carry out maintenance of industrial valves, but there are 2 maintenance methods that are considered necessary and most importantly, need to be applied. Regularly to help the valve keep the best working condition, the highest performance, the best cost savings, these are:

  a) Maintenance according to the condition of the industrial valve:

   This is the most optimal maintenance method, because we can easily control the valve condition in the system in the best possible way, based on this method, we can get 1 Specific maintenance plan for installation and other valve replacement evaluation.

   This method has the benefits that we can be proactive all related factors such as human resources and alternative material.

   Furthermore, some valves are not available in factory stock, so they need to be purchased from a distance. This method is often applied to manufacturers, drainage, chemicals, cement ...

b) Periodic maintenance:

   According to this method, we will carry out maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions.

   According to the manufacturer's recommendation, up to a certain time when using the valve, we are required to maintain, clean and replace if required by the manufacturer's information.

  This is seen as a standard method of maintenance, this method is managed by software on a computer, so it is often applied to large-scale enterprises with separate maintenance workshops.

  Of course, this is more expensive than other methods of maintenance, but we can be more proactive in production schedules.

3. Industrial valves can be maintained?

   There are many lines of industrial valves on the market, most of them can be maintaining (from sizes: DN15 - DN 800)

  •   Safety valves

  • Control valves

  • Process safety valves

  • Process safety valve - PSV

  • Ball valves

  • Butterfly valves

  • Diaphragm valves

  • Check valves

  • Gate valves

  • Globe valves

  • Plug valves

  • Pressure reducing valves